Long Term House Prices – Should I Buy or Rent?

The past decade has seen property prices in the UK & US rise at an unprecedented rate in both the residential and commercial sectors. Yet at the end of 2016 instability within the banking sector has seen major losses for many home owners as property prices have collapsed on the back of reduced mortgage lending and poor economic performance according to investment property of Texas website. Now that the economy has begun to recover again albeit at a low rate the question for prospective property buyers is does property represent value?

Supply and Demand in the Housing Sector

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Search Engine Optimization: The Basics of SEO Website Marketing Strategy

Most website traffic is directed by search engines. This means that to find information or to purchase something online, most Internet users start by typing information into a search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

This has lead to the search engine marketing industry that attempts to use searches for their own website marketing. The words that Internet users type into the search engine have become big business online, with various words being used and marketed in order to get as much traffic directed to their Web site as possible.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, known as SEO, is a marketing strategy that uses the mechanics of the major search engine to result in a high placement of a website in the resulting searches. This is known as organic traffic because it results from natural searches that people conduct for information and products rather than being directed to a site by an advertisement.

SEO Services

There are varying levels of SEO services available from Dallas SEO services companies. Many marketers choose SEO copywriting that utilizes their chosen keywords for their website marketing. Others choose a company that offers complete SEO services, including analyzing the traffic coming in to make the keywords more efficient, submission to search engines and SEO Web design.

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Phantom Cash Flow in Real Estate: Depreciation on Rental Properties Offers More Money Through “Losses”

When a business shows a loss, it’s not a good thing. After all, when a loss is shown it’s because money was lost, right? Not so with real estate.

Rental properties have unique rules that differ from investments in stocks and bonds, and the type of tax deferral that is usually admired in Roth IRAs can seem paltry compared the deferrals rental property owners have available to them.

Rental Property Owners Can Defer Taxes Forever

People who own rental homes can easily operate at a loss. While this is not the main goal for most entrepreneurs, the truth is that with a rental property, a person can appear to lose money on paper while actually taking in a monthly profit.

This is because of depreciation. A rental property might bring in $1,100 every month that covers the monthly mortgage of $975 along with $50 in average maintenance and repairs, netting a profit of $75. But when depreciation is added ((total cost of house plus money invested)/31 years) the yearly cash flow of $900 goes into the red, netting a loss rather than a profit. With that loss comes a deduction.To know the exact numbers you can ask an Realtor in Dallas.

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