Search Engine Optimization: The Basics of SEO Website Marketing Strategy

Most website traffic is directed by search engines. This means that to find information or to purchase something online, most Internet users start by typing information into a search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

This has lead to the search engine marketing industry that attempts to use searches for their own website marketing. The words that Internet users type into the search engine have become big business online, with various words being used and marketed in order to get as much traffic directed to their Web site as possible.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, known as SEO, is a marketing strategy that uses the mechanics of the major search engine to result in a high placement of a website in the resulting searches. This is known as organic traffic because it results from natural searches that people conduct for information and products rather than being directed to a site by an advertisement.

SEO Services

There are varying levels of SEO services available from Dallas SEO services companies. Many marketers choose SEO copywriting that utilizes their chosen keywords for their website marketing. Others choose a company that offers complete SEO services, including analyzing the traffic coming in to make the keywords more efficient, submission to search engines and SEO Web design.

Search engine optimization is an often-debated area of search engine marketing because the major search engines have proprietary methods for determining how each page will place in a given search.

In fact, according to AdAge, Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently admitted that Google doesn’t want to help websites become successful at search engine optimization. The goal for search engines is instead to reward websites with the best-quality, most relevant information on a given topic.

SEO Web Design

While keywords are one of the biggest considerations in search engine marketing, there are others. SEO Web design is another marketing strategy that uses a site’s architecture to create more efficient search engine spidering of a site. This generally includes the creation of META tags and linking the pages together through keywords.

SEO Keywords

Finding the best keywords for website marketing is not an exact science. There are many factors that go into the choice of keywords, including the relevance of the terms, the competition for those terms and their popularity. If a website has a high pagerank, the site is more likely to be near the top of the search results for a given term. A newer site, however, might choose less relevant keywords that are searched for less often but that have less competition.

Any simple, popular keyword, such as iPod or music, will have so much competition that getting any traffic from search engines would be highly unlikely. For this reason, longer keyword phrases are often chosen to get niche SEO traffic. There are fewer searches for these niche terms, but a site is far more likely to attract traffic for them than for a more popular phrase.

This article utilizes seven keywords, six of which are niche phrases. These six phrases have a better chance of placing high in search engines than the other, more popular keywords and will likely draw the bulk of the traffic toward the article. The best keyword phrases were chosen through a free Wordtracker search for relevant phrases.